Quality policy and targets

Our target is by the use of a decent and coperative partnership with our customers to get a reliable partner for your company.

The name PRI:LOGY stands for:

Customer-focused job on highest flexibility

Customers and their requests are incredibly important for our decisions and activities.
The request of the customer has always priority. Primal the respected quality of our products
by the customer confirms the success of the company

Zero-defects philosophy

Zero defects are only possible in a tidy firm. For that reason we require from our employees
to keep clean the workstations and the working environment.

Economic mentality

Economic success means in addition to a high number of pieces and a low defective figure
also a responsible handling with the allocated ressources.

Cooperative partnership with our suppliers

Suppliers are our partners. We want to have a good partnership with our suppliers.

Permanent improvement of all processes and procedures

An efficient sales organisation is a priority target and a permanent executive function. 

We as a service lead company assume responsibility

As a service leader, it is self-evident to us that all our activities and decisions are centered on the human being. For this reason, we assume responsibility: for our employees, for the environment in which we live, and for society as a whole.